Welcome! Inspired by our Cookbook Club!

So this has been a long time coming! People have asked us a website for a long time and we fought it time after time, but alas here we are. Our primary reason for the website is the start of our online cookbook club!

Everyone is free to join us if they’d like. We will be doing this project regardless if anyone participates. We’ll be highlighting one cookbook a month & cooking recipes from the book. Results/pictures will be posted (with permission). Book discussions within the group will include, but not limited to background info on the author, ingredients, culture & region. We’d also love to share personal perspectives within the group. People connecting to cooking can be very meaningful. We’re excited to learn & getting cooking!!

Ps, be mindful that you can always check out books from your local library to limit buying books or use an online book service.

Pss, project will kick off in early January 2019 & end in late December. Book selection will be published within group. And although this is a BBQ team, BBQ books will be limited. The idea is to get us beyond the BBQ vein & move our brain into new flavors & techniques. This can ultimately bring us to better BBQ!

A Mazie Q online Cookbook Club

cooked meat on brown chopping board
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com